Rain, Rain …

A visit to my good friend Jane in Seattle reminded me how blessed I can be with my life in Arizona and Colorado. I spend summers in Colorado and Winters in Arizona. Do the occasional ski trip, but that is about it. Now I went to Seattle and man – what a rainy city that is. I do not know how people can live there all year long. I would assume the lack of sunshine creates huge deficits in Vitamin and so I brought my friend a bottle of Vitamin D pills as a joke present. The other present was a copper rain chain which Jane promptly hooked in her backyard (small backyard / town house).

Jane and I have been knowing each other for 10-12 years. We’re really just friends and nothing ever happened between us. I think we’re in the mid-stages of “Harry and Sally” (When Harry met Sally movie). We’re really just best friends even though many folks probably suspect a hot love affair between us. ha ha

Jane moved to Seattle for work back when I made my first move to Arizona. She had been working for this broker in Colorado and just needed to get away after her last relationship broke up and the guy worked at the same place. Even though it rains a lot in Seattle she is an outdoor girl. Astonishing to me – that climate just kills any ambition in me to go outside. After 4 days I started feeling the lack of sunshine and decided to drive back down south again (I am a road warrior – I like road trips the most).


~ by nsusa on March 14, 2010.

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