I am toast

Hi there,

Sorry for the long silence. I am so toast so to speak. Ha ha – never mind, just did completely forget about this blog and now finally making it back to update the site more frequently. Life has just kept me way to busy. I am moving into a new apartment after my old place literally burned down. I am so glad I was insured. Now I can go and buy everything new. New Microwave, new toaster oven, new TV, and and and … you get the idea.

I did have my computer data stored online so all I needed was a new computer and I was able to download my data. You should have seen my old one. I walked through the remainings of the house with the fire department and actually found my computer or whatever was left of it. I did ask the fire marshal to destroy my hard drive physically and man do those tools work great. Ha ha.

Anyway – check back soon for more updates. I am busy moving stuff and getting settled.


~ by nsusa on July 4, 2009.

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