I am clean and full of …

I am clean and (not) full of sh!t. I was down for months. No power, no energy. Life just sucked. My job sucked and personal situation sucked as well. I had to do something. No, faith did not help me or at least religious faith did not help me. I don’t believe in god or stuff like that. But I do believe in myself and I had lost that faith for a while.

Then I started exercising. Slowly, but surely I walked my way up to running. From running short intervalls I made it to run 2 miles. Then 2.5 miles and suddenly I was above 3 miles. I did a colon cleansing therapy as recommended by my primary care physician. Then I signed up for a 5K run in my town. I sucked big time and arrived in 28 minutes (at least I was not the last person to make it).

I switched my diet and included some protein shakes after each workout. My running results got better. I managed the 4 miles easily and then got stuck at 4.5 miles. For 3 weeks I could not get pass that mark, until one Friday afternoon. I was on the treadmill and everything was perfect. The speed was good and I felt awesome. I finally stopped at 5.16 miles and 55 minutes.

Since then I managed to run 6.25 miles aka 10K. I am a much happier person now. You’ll hear more about me here soon. 🙂 I am clean and full of energy. I am somebody.


~ by nsusa on July 23, 2008.

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